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Bookworks of Maskull Lasserre

Maskull Lasserre book frame 1Image II, 2007 . books, frame, twine

 “My work is always halfway between a song and a punch” says Canadian sculpture Maskull Lasserre.

From his serene well groomed and painted works to his sculptures featuring carved and altered books Lasser blends “elements of nostalgia, accident, humor, and the macabre… into works that induce strangeness in the familiar, and provoke uncertainty in the expected.”

Here’s some song and some punch for your enjoyment:

Maskull Lasserre HarlequinHarlequin, 2007.  Political ideology texts, steel


Maskull Lasserre vanishing pointVanishing Point, 2010. Pencil on the sanded edge of compressed newspapers

In March 2010, Lasserre traveled to Kandahar province in Afghanistan for two weeks as part of the Canadian Forces Artists Program.

When he returned, as you can imagine,  his perspectives on life and art had undergone a profound shift.  


Maskull Lasserre fictionFiction, 2007. Carved fiction novels, vice, steel

Maskull Lasserre fiction detailFiction (detail)

Maskull Lasserre taxonomies detailTaxonomies (detail), 2008. Carved books, shelf

Maskull Lasserre chinaChina, 2008. Carved American Scholar magazines, clamp

Lasserre’s website
Piece at Magenta Magazine: A Song and a Punch: Maskull Lasserre’s sculptures balance the contemplative and visceral

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