Business Cards for the Book Set

Bookish Business Cards 2If you work somewhere within the book universe and have been thinking about updating your business card you might want to have a look at this recent post at Flavorwire highlighting some pretty nifty examples.

Here’s a taste:


Bookish Business Cards 1Business card for Kristin Partlo, a librarian at Carleton College’s Gould Library

Bookish Business Cards bMiniature book-shaped cards for the publisher Paul & Marigold by Singapore design firm Foreign Policy

Bookish Business Cards 4Letterpress printed card for Olivia Waite by Boxcar Press

Bookish Business Cards 5A business card that doubles as a bookmark

Pictured at top: Business card for Morgan Dillard by Tower of Babel Design

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Digital Treat: Thanks to Cambridge University we can now see inside the world’s first multicolored printed book


The book is called Shi zhu zhai shu hua pu, ‘Manual of Calligraphy and Painting’ and was first published in 1633 in Nanjing. The book is comprised of eight categories – birds, plums, orchids, bamboos, fruit, stones, ink drawings (round fans) and miscellany – and is illustrated by 50 different artists and calligraphers.

It is the earliest known example of multicolor printing in the world:

printed by the technique of polychrome xylography known asdouban invented and perfected by Hu Zhengyan 胡正言 (1584-1674). The method involves the use of multiple printing blocks which successively apply different coloured inks to the paper to reproduce the effect of watercolour painting

For years one of the earliest complete sets of the book has lived at the Cambridge University Library.  Deemed to fragile to handle the book never saw the light of day and was off limits to human hands. 

Now, thanks to the digital revolution, the work is available for all to see






cambridge u multicolor

cambridge u multicolor 2

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Tub Lit: Kickstarter project offers waterproof books


Shakespeare tub

The latest crowdsourced gem for the book crowd comes to us from Bibliobath.

Thanks to Wing Weng and Jasper Jansen, a Dutch-Chinese couple based in Amsterdam, we finally have the waterproof book!

They have 4 titles ready to go; a selection of short stories by Mark Twain, one of the selected poetry by W. B. Yeats, an edition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and a special Kickstarter-only edition of the Chinese classic The Art of War.



Bibliobath icons

bibliobath Shakespeare

The campaign just launched and the goal is to raise about $10,000 in the next month. Among the rewards are a couple geared toward booksellers where you can buy multiple copies at a discount.

They got some of my money.

Campaign home page