Tub Lit: Kickstarter project offers waterproof books


Shakespeare tub

The latest crowdsourced gem for the book crowd comes to us from Bibliobath.

Thanks to Wing Weng and Jasper Jansen, a Dutch-Chinese couple based in Amsterdam, we finally have the waterproof book!

They have 4 titles ready to go; a selection of short stories by Mark Twain, one of the selected poetry by W. B. Yeats, an edition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and a special Kickstarter-only edition of the Chinese classic The Art of War.



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bibliobath Shakespeare

The campaign just launched and the goal is to raise about $10,000 in the next month. Among the rewards are a couple geared toward booksellers where you can buy multiple copies at a discount.

They got some of my money.


Campaign home page

New book chronicles the glory days of airline visuals

Airline Identity Boeing

Once upon a time flying wasn’t such a hassle.

At its height the airline industry was the bees knees of postwar culture. From the mid-forties to the the mid-seventies flying was the way to go.

The world got smaller as new opportunities and possibilities connected the four corners of the globe.

It was also a time of some stunning graphic design. The posters and printed detritus that accompanied the golden age of air travel mark a high-spot in the history of advertising  and corporate design.

Airline Identity TWA

It is the graphic side of these times that M. C. Hühne chronicles in Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975.  

This monster of a book (in both heft – it weighs 14 pounds and price – it retails for $400) provides a comprehensive look at the “visual identities of the world’s greatest airlines presented in a book of extraordinary beauty”

The book “pushes the limits of modern art printing technology” using seventeen different colors, five different varnishes, and two different methods of foil printing and embossing.”

Airline Identity Pan Am


Forged by some of the best creative minds of the time, such as designers like Ivan Chermayeff, Otl Aicher, Massimo Vignellli, Academy Award winner Saul Bass, as well as advertising luminaries like Mary Wells Lawrence, the artwork found in Airline Visual Identity: 1945-1975 illustrates the shift from traditional methods of corporate design and advertising to comprehensive modern identity branding programs generally introduced in the 1960’s.


Airline Identity BOAC


Airline Identity United


Airline Identity Air France

Airline Identity cover

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Harlin Quist: The coolest publisher of children’s books you never heard of

Go Grabote

Harlin Quist just might be the coolest publisher of children’s books you never heard of. The brainchild of Harlin Bloomquist, Quist published over sixty children’s books between 1966-1984. They featured some of the finest European and American authors and illustrators of the day and helped establish the careers of many young artists. 

They are unmistakable in design and offered an original, fresh look in childrens’ book publishing. Quist had a background in theater and then worked in publishing, first as an editor at Crowell-Collier, then at Dell, where he worked on the first picture paperback books before going out on his own.

Go Grabote a Go Grabote b

Here is what some of the critics of the day said:

“The most innovative and controversial of all children’s books publishers is Harlin Quist,” critic Digby Diehl noted in the Los Angeles Times.

Another critic, Selma Lanes, wrote in the Washington Post: “The house of Harlin Quist goes further than any publisher in memory to reach beyond the words yet available to a child into that realm where fantasy and feeling lie deeper than words.” His books, Lanes wrote, “are a happy amalgam of the best of book craftsmanship and unerring good taste. You can tell these books by their covers.”

eggs amen

eggs amen claude lapointe

eggs amen jean-michel nicollet

Quist published books by Eugene Ionesco, Marguerite Duras and Richard Hughes and won American Book Awards in 1981 and 1982 for the use of art and design in his books.

The books were translated into eight languages and sold well all over the world except of course in the United States where librarians thought the work a bit too avant-garde for the kids.

Timothy the Tiger

Timothy the Tiger a

Timothy the Tiger b

From the Book Patrol marketplace:

Go, Go, Go, Grabote! by Nicole Claveloux, 1973
Private Eye Grabote by Nicole Claveloux, 1975
Eggs Amen!: Skillet Rhymes and Scrambled Verses by John Goldthwaite 1973. Each poem gets a different illustrator, 14 in all.
Timothy the Terror Story by Ruth Cavin.  Pictures by Jean-Jacques Loup, 1972.
Top O’ The Tom Words by Andrew Colvin Pictures by Clause Lapointe, 1975

 other available Harlin Quist titles

 Ted Jalbert Design maintains an unofficial website for Harlin Quist fans

Harlin Quist Obituary