The World’s First Mobile Library; A ‘Jacobean Kindle’

Jacobean Kindle

The year was 1617. William Hakewill MP commissioned it to give as a gift to a friend. And it just might be the first mobile library.

The Jacobean miniature travelling library consisted of 50 gold-tooled vellum-bound miniature books contained in a wooden case that resembled a large folio.

Inside there were three shelves for the books. The inside cover was an illuminated table of contents. The subject matter covered history, poetry, theology and philosophy and included works by Cicero, Virgil, Ovid, Seneca, Horace and Julius Caesar.

It was the perfect gift for a reader on the go and must of been a hit for within the next five years Hakewill had 3 others made.

Jacobean Kindle closed


Jacobean Kindle table of contents


Jacobean Kindle books

Jacobean Kindle 1

The rare miniature travelling library is part of the Brotherton Collection of rare manuscripts, photographs and books housed at Leeds University and thanks to a  £1.3m Heritage Lottery grant will go on display in late 2015 in a newly built gallery.

The three other known copies live at the British Library, the Huntington Library and the Toledo Museum of Art Ohio.

Story and  more images at Daily Mail Online.


Isabel Barbuzza’s Bookworks

barbuzza color readingColor Reading

barbuzza color reading detailColor Reading detail

Isabel Barbuzza was born and raised in Argentina and is currently an associate professor at the School of Art and Art History in the University of Iowa.

Her interest lies “in the relationships between space, place, objects and materials in contemporary society and how through perception, thought and language we facilitate engaging with the physical world.”

Her work runs the gamut  from artists books to sculpture to installation. Enjoy! 

barbuzza disasters of warDisasters of War based on Goya’s “Disaster of War” – love poem blackened out with white numbers indicated disasters of war since Goya’s time. The binding is decorated with percussion caps

barbuzza beehiveBeehive. Waxed ans sliced Encyclopedia Britannica

barbuzza redesigning libraryRedesinging My Library

barbuzza reading titsreadingtits

barbuzza fantasy of possession detailFantasy of Posession, detail

barbuzza fusionsFusion

Isabel Barbuzza’s website

Exposed: The work of Jody Alexander

alexander lone arrangerfrom the installation – the lone arranger – a collaboration with laura laura


Jody Alexander is an artist, bookbinder, librarian and teacher working out of Santa Cruz, California whose work celebrates “collecting, storytelling, and odd characters.” 

Working with fabric and found and discarded books Alexander binds them up and then combines them with found objects to create sculptural works and installations.


alexander sedimentalsfrom the sedimentals series

alexander sedimentals detaildetail from a sedimentals piece


alexander miss sookymiss sook’s dropsy cure drawer remained unbeknownst to most


alexander exposed spinesexposed spines


alexander worthyworthy – a collaboration with laura laura – installation at the Pajaro Valley Art Gallery, Watsonville, California


alexander worthy 1worthy – installation at the Olive Hyde Gallery, Fremont, California


Artists website