Really Waiting for Godot

Another day at Beckett International Airport… Waiting for Godot Feb 2014 © Dan Piraro at Bizzaro Comics

and if you’re still waiting for a copy of the First Edition this might help:

Waiting for Godot first

New York: Grove Press, 1954. $3750.

First published in French in 1952; this is the First Edition of Beckett’s own English translation, preceding the British edition by about two years.

and if you still need more, here are a few other Beckett items 


The Book Emperor of Johannesberg

“This is my empire, my kingdom…Books are my wealth, my gift” says Philane Dladla

His kingdom is “at a U-turn sign at an intersection in Empire Road opposite Wits University, in Johannesburg.”and his mission in life is the “reading and dispensing knowledge by selling books.”

Philane Dladla emperor of books

image by Daniel Born

When a person his mom looked after died Philane inherited 500 books. He read and reviewed them all. Now he makes his way by reading what he gets and then selling what he read by providing reviews to passing motorists.

Take that Mr. Algorithm.

Story at Times Live, ‘An emperor of books’