Poets inspired by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is the subject of a new anthology of poems edited by two retired professors from his home state of Minnesota.

Whittled down to 100 poems from a pool of  500 Visiting Bob: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Bob Dylan is a collection honoring Dylan by poets in various stages of their careers. Contributors include Robert Bly; Charles Bukowski; Lawrence Ferlinghetti; Patti Smith and Anne Waldman as well as this lost musing from Johnny Cash that appeared in the liner notes for Dylan’s 1969 album “Nashville Skyline,” and won a Best Album Notes Grammy:

Complete unto itself, full,


So are some souls like stars 

And their words, works and songs 

Like strong, quick flashes of 

light …

There is no end to the cultural influences of this master lyricist and musician. 

Speaking of poets and Bob Dylan, in case you haven’t seen this in a while here is the music video for “Subterranean Homesick Blues” featuring Allen Ginsberg. As the Independent pointed out after he won the Nobel Prize in 2016 Dylan has leaned on poetry more than any other musician.

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‘Visiting Bob’ collects 100 poems from writers inspired by Bob Dylan – Pioneer Press

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For the love of the library

Library by Jason Lamotte

Jason LaMotte was very fond of his neighborhood  library in Houston, Texas. 

As LaMotte tells the Guardian:

I have strong recollections of my neighborhood library in Houston, Texas in the US. I can recall the layout, where certain sections of books were, the smells, and the sounds. And it still carries a magical feeling for me, this special kind of sanctuary full of knowledge, full of stories, all covered in a sense of quiet respect and revery.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, LaMotte went to work and the result is beautiful homage to the power of the library. 

Here’s a look behind the scenes:

Teens vs. The Encyclopedia

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Q:  Are there any benefits to a physical encyclopedia compared to the internet or wikipedia?

A: I’m pretty sure there is but no.

Fine Brothers Entertainment produces  a video series called REACT where they present participants with a topic and then discuss.

The latest episode features a group of teens reacting to an encyclopedia.

OMG, it’s both hysterical and terrifying at the same time.