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In the Stacks: The Tokyo Sightseeing Photo Club

tokyo photo club 2 The latest installment of In the Stacks takes us through the Flickr archive of the Tokyo Sightseeing Photo Club, a group of photography enthusiasts who snap and click their way through the city. Here is a bookish sampling of their handiwork from their cache of almost ten thousand images: tokyo photo club 7   tokyo photo club 1   tokyo photo club 8   tokyo photo club 5   tokyo photo club 4   tokyo photo club 3   tokyo photo club 9   tokyo photo club 6   tokyo photo club Previously on In The Stacks: First Visit to The New Digital Library of America Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Playing Cards at the Beinecke National Library of Ireland The Astor Free Library at the NYPL Women's Travel Diaries at Duke University Charles Darwin's Library The National Archives Columbia  University, From Homer to Howl Private Libraries at the Museum of the City of New York Los Angeles Public Library Boston Public Library  
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