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Isabel Barbuzza’s Bookworks

barbuzza color readingColor Reading

barbuzza color reading detailColor Reading detail

Isabel Barbuzza was born and raised in Argentina and is currently an associate professor at the School of Art and Art History in the University of Iowa.

Her interest lies “in the relationships between space, place, objects and materials in contemporary society and how through perception, thought and language we facilitate engaging with the physical world.”

Her work runs the gamut  from artists books to sculpture to installation. Enjoy! 

barbuzza disasters of warDisasters of War based on Goya’s “Disaster of War” – love poem blackened out with white numbers indicated disasters of war since Goya’s time. The binding is decorated with percussion caps

barbuzza beehiveBeehive. Waxed ans sliced Encyclopedia Britannica

barbuzza redesigning libraryRedesinging My Library

barbuzza reading titsreadingtits

barbuzza fantasy of possession detailFantasy of Posession, detail

barbuzza fusionsFusion

Isabel Barbuzza’s website

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