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Latin America 1960-2013. Photos + Text

Latin America photo text exhibitLeón Ferrari, from the series “Nevermore,” 1995. Inscriptions written on photocopy

The latest exhibit at Museo Amparo, Latin America 1960-2013. Photos + Text, features over 400 works from 71 artists from 11 countries who “address the complexity of this plural and heterogeneous territory.”

Through the prism of the relationship between the text and the photographic image, the exhibition shows the important role that this dialectic has played in Latin America. The connections between photography and literature have been explored by Horacio Fernandez who has underlined the importance of the use of photography for writers such as Pablo Neruda, Nicanor Parra or Julio Cortazar. Similarly, photographers such as Paolo Gasparini, Barbara Brändli or Pablo Ortiz Monasterio have used photography as a form of statement in their photobooks

Latin America photo text exhibit 3Leonora Vicuña, El Mundo, calle San Diego, Santiago de Chile. 1981.

Latin America photo text exhibit 1Pablo Ortiz Monasterio. Volando bajo,c. 1989.

Latin America photo text exhibit 2Paolo Gasparini, El hábitat de los hombres… Caracas Bello Monte. 1968.

Latin America photo text exhibit 4Facundo de  Zuviría, Confitería, avenida de Mayo. 1987.

The exhibit runs through September 29.

América Latina 1960-2013. Photos + Text | Museoamparo.com.

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