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Reading Room for One

Reading-Cabin-by-Marta-Wengorovius 1 For the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale artist Marta Wengorovius teamed with architect Francisco Aires Mateus to produce this little slice of paradise; a reading cabin for one.     

The simple wood structure is fit for one person, holds one bookshelf and has a raised seating area and that’s it. It is light by a skylight.

Reading-Cabin-by-Marta-Wengorovius 2

The artist populated the bookshelf by asking 20 guests to choose three books each for the library.


“Sharing this itinerant project creates a community between people who read the books, the guests who chose the books and the people who will read the books wherever the cabin shall pass,” says Wengorovius.

Reading-Cabin-by-Marta-Wengorovius 3 Reading-Cabin-by-Marta-Wengorovius 4

The project had its first opening on December 2012 in Paredes, north of Portugal. The library is scheduled to be in a different place each year. If exhibited in a foreign country the books will be translated and available in the native language of the country.

Full coverage at dezeen: One, Two and Many by Marta Wengorovius

Project at artists website

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