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Ruetemple’s outdoor book spaces

ruetemple gazebo 3

Here are some Russian-made products worthy of importing. Ruetemple is an amazing architectural studio working out of Moscow. Their three book-related projects are each beautifully designed, incredibly functional and fit perfectly in an outdoor environment. They have at times, been placed in parks around Moscow.

The Gazebo

Features a small table for lunch or tea, and easy-to-clean slatted wooden floors.

ruetemple gazebo 2

ruetemple gazebo 1


Features a bar, a stage and plenty of event seating.

ruetemple book pavillion 1

ruetemple book pavillion 2

Pop-up Bookshop

The glass doors become a suspended awning and once you choose your book there is bench seating on the opposite side of the shelves.

ruetemple book pop up bookshop 1

ruetemple book pop up bookshop

ruetemple book pop up bookshop 2

via Dwell: Slideshow: 3 Innovative Outdoor Libraries in Russia

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