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Notes from the Fair : Codex & The California Antiquarian Book Fair February 17, 2009

It was a big book week in San Francisco with both the book arts and antiquarian segments of the book trade hosting their largest events of the year. I was interested to see how these events would fair in the current economic climate of doom and gloom. Well, I got good news. Books are still alive! The Codex Foundation kicked things off with The Second Biennial Codex International Book Fair and Symposium. The book fair…

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FlatSigned follow-up : ‘The Cartel’ Responds August 24, 2008

One of Tim Miller’s claims in his now infamous shady marketing masterpiece, Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary, was that he “even went so far as to attend” the ABAA‘s California Antiquarian Book Fair, or “Convention” as he calls it, in San Francisco to try to resolve his differences with certain members of the organization with “but was escorted out of the convention by those known in inner-circles as ‘The Cartel.’” Well, here’s how ABAA member…

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Flatsigned Celebrates Itself August 22, 2008

In one of the most blatant displays of hubris in the annals of bookselling, the notorious Tim Miller of is celebrating his 10 year anniversary by issuing a press release for the ages. Here are some nuggets: on his business name- “Coined by legendary horror writer Stephen King, the term FlatSigned refers to the most desirable type of collectible book.” Not. on how he got started- One of his friends told him “he could…

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