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Abebooks – They Just Don’t Get It -Part 2 November 17, 2006

So I blogged yesterday about the OJ thing how out of touch Abebooks is with the booksellers who have put them on the map Then today I see they sent out a press release on the results from their ridiculous poll about the new OJ book. What a set up! They email their clients (us) and promote the poll on their blog and their website and then in turn take the results and send out…

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They Just Don’t Get It

I assume many of you booksellers out there received an email from Abebooks today. They called it the Bookseller Bulletin and this is what it said: Have your say on the new OJ Simpson book It has been announced that OJ Simpson is set to release a new book. wants to know what booksellers think: Are you planning to stock the forthcoming OJ Simpson book, If I Did It? Give us Your Opinion (This…

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