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Tea Time! New Kickstarter campaign blends classic lit with quality tea August 25, 2015 – Posted in: books in design, Content, Illustration, product design

Under the moniker NovelTea Tins John Pujol and Matt Kraemer have launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a line of organic teas emanating from classic literature. NovelTea Tins has partnered with world class tea aficionados to pair the classics with award winning, organic teas. They also have enlisted the services of Iuliia Glushchuk and Dietrich Kleffel to illustrate the tins. They have two tins ready for production, The Picture of Earl Grey and Don Quixotea, with Tolstoy’s War and…

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Rare Book Dealer Saves Collector, Is Rewarded With Magic Tea (A Cautionary Tale) February 23, 2010

Always pleased to hear from ***. Last week, he sent a message asking for help with book he was considering acquiring for his collection, a volume from 1877 he’d discovered on the Internet and had never heard of before. I did some research; No auction records, no copies in institutional libraries worldwide. It was a humdinger, unrecorded anywhere in this area of book collecting, a real find and exciting. While looking into this book I…

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