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The Book Architecture of Thomas Ehgartner


thomas Ehgartner 1

It took 8,000 books for Thomas Ehgartner to complete his 2006 installation  “Meaning minus truth conditions”at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Completed for his senior project the piece also included two computer-generated voices that recited content from Wikipedia and Project Gutenberg.

For Ehgartner the current state of information overload that permeates much of our waking life becomes the foundation for creating a “limited archive from a infinite whole.”


thomas Ehgartner 3


thomas Ehgartner 5


thomas Ehgartner 2


and check out his follow up to the above, a facade built with chopped books!


thomas Ehgartner


thomas Ehgartner 6


View more of Ehgartner’s portfolio at ARTDOXA 

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