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The Book Planters of Do Myoung Kim

Kim Do Myoung Ah (sprout) - Ah (ego) 2004Ah (sprout) – Ah (ego) 2004

The Google Cultural Institute is a concentrated “effort to make important cultural material available and accessible to everyone and to digitally preserve it to educate and inspire future generations.”

A healthy component of the Institute  is the Art Project, where Google has partnered with hundreds of museums, cultural institutions, and archives to bring their collections online.

One of the organizations on  board is the Korean Art Museum Association and lucky for us their holdings include a nice sampling of work by artist Do Myoung Kim.

As Kim’s work reminds us there’s a lot of life in those books.


kim do myoung the dream of the butterfly 2006The Dream of the Butterfly, 2006

Kim do myoung red drawer 2 2005Red Drawer 2, 2005

Kim Do Myoung Earth and 100 year 2006Earth and 100 year, 2006

Kim do myoung harmony 2005Harmony, 2005

Kim do myoung green book 2006Green Book, 2006

 See more work here: Do Myoung Kim

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