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The Really Small World of Tim Sidford

tim sidford blueshelf


We all know good things come in small packages but British artist Tim Sidford takes the cake with his meticulous miniature interiors. 

Bordering on unbelievable, Sidford recreates the stuff that dreams are made of within the smallest of structures.

Here’s his take on his “bonkers hobby of creating miniature interiors”:

I love the drama of many historic interiors. Creating these models helps allows me to indulge my ‘inner designer’! The rooms are constructed from wood and card and wooden moulded decorative trim, as well as bits of old cereal packets, drinking straws, balsa wood, beads, plastic food packaging etc. The most enjoyable bit is painting the floors, walls and ceilings. Most of the furniture is by playmobil (although I will often customise it)


sidford 1


sidford b and w


sweetington library

and in case you are still deciding how mind boggling this is – in reality, the image below –

swidford 2

is the size of this!

sidford library in library


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