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Founded by Mohammad Rohayl Varind in 2016 Slum School (Slum cleverly stands for Students Learning Under the Moon) is Pakistan’s first solar powered night school.

There are 23 million kids that do not go to school in Pakistan, many of whom work during the day! Varind’s goal is to educate the underprivileged in hopes of one day winning the war against poverty, illiteracy & terrorism.

The entire experience is solar powered with classes starting after sunset. Varind teaches the kids English, Urdu, math, and science with a little ethics and etiquette mixed in.

Slum School does not purport to take the place of a formal education. Everything needed, including food, is provided free to the students.

Varind also enlists volunteers who come and teach computers, Taekwondo, graphic design and other subjects. Currently over 100 kids are enrolled.


all images: Rohayl Varind

h/t World Economic Forum



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