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David Drummond designing fictionsDesigning Fictions by Michael L. Ross

David Drummond is book designer and illustrator working out of Elgin, Québec, Canada. He is the founder of Salamander Hill Design, a creative shop that produces posters, book covers, promotional materials, magazine illustration, packaging and identity development for a variety of clients.

Here’s a selection of his book work:

David Drummond dog earDog Ear by Jim Johnstone

David Drummond dead man's floatDead Man’s Float by Nicholas Maes

David Drummond interlinguicityInterlinguicity, Internationality and Shakespeare by Michael Saenger

David Drummond timeTime in Time by Mark Smith

David Drummond trioTrio by Sarah Tolmie

David Drummond lenfanceL’Enfance de L’art by Jerome Miniere


Much more at his blog


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