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The lines of demarcation between ‘rare books’, ‘old books’ and ‘second-hand books’ have never been, and can never be, clearly defined. The same applies to most of those who deal in them; and the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association makes no distinction between a man who specialises in incunabula, another who deals only in modern firsts, a third who restricts himself to botany, and finally a general second-hand dealer, provided that his business is primarily in old books. The most comprehensive directories are those published by the Sheppard Press, London: Dealers in Secondhand and Antiquarian Books in the British Isles, now in its tenth edition, European Book
Dealers, and Book Dealers in North America (arranged regionally as well as by specialities); the same firm’s Directory of Book Collectors should also be noted. In the U.S.A. there are the seven regional issues of David S. and Susan Siegel The Used Book Lover’s Guides.

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ABC’s of Book Collecting. 8th Edition
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