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agatha christie at home

She has sold more books than any other novelist, period. With about 4 billion sold she only trails Shakespeare and the Bible in the standings for the world’s most published book.

With Agatha Christie at Home, Hilary Macaskill gives us a tour of the homes Christie lived in throughout her life, with special emphasis on her home in Greenway in the Devon countryside which provided consistent inspiration for her work and “became the repository of her life.”

Greenway, now owned by the National Trust, was opened to the public in 2009.

agatha christie at home libraryThe library at Greenway

agatha christie at home 2Christie doing a little touch-up to her room at Greenway

agatha christie at home 1A collection of first editions of her work that adorn the sitting room

agatha writing deskAgatha at her writing desk at Greenway

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