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barnes and noble shopping bag

Coming soon to a Barnes & Noble near you are these newly redesigned shopping bags featuring the first pages from classic novels.

The goal of the new design is to promote the physical experience of visiting a store and handling printed books while sharing text and illustrations from select classics.

“The bag serves as advertisement and reminder of the bookstore and thus is an essential part of the brand’s communications…However, this new shopping bag series does more than promote the brand itself; it reflects the love of books and itself provides a book experience — you can even start reading them on the way home.” says Sagi Haviv of Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, the design firm that undertook the redesign.

B&N plans a first run of 100 million bags to be distributed in its 700 stores.

barnes and noble shopping bag Moby Dick

barnes and noble shopping bag Dorothy

Redesign: Barnes & Noble Puts First Pages of Classic Novels on Shopping Bags – Print (Slideshow) – Creativity Online.

h/t Shelf Awareness

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