Art Not Pulp: The Encyclopedia Britannica Challenge November 21, 2013 – Posted in: book arts, Exhibits

encyclopedia challenge 3

Jill Barneby, Vol. 5

Wondering what  to do with that valueless set of Encyclopedias that have been taking up too much space for too long?

The Sidney Nolan Trust in the UK was faced with this dilemma. They were given a set of 1950’s Encyclopedias Britannica “after all attempts by their original owner to find them a new home failed” and “they were destined to become pulp ”


encyclopedia challenge

Nigel Kerry, Vol. 22


Enter the Encyclopaedia Britannica Challenge. A call  for book artists and others “to select a volume and transform it into a new work of art.”

Here is a taste:


encyclopedia challenge 5

Linda Nevill, Vol. 21


encyclopedia challenge 4

Mellie Lane, Vol. 3


encyclopedia challenge 2

Richard Studer, Vol. 15


encyclopedia challenge1

Gordon Yapp, Vol. 13

If you are a curator or librarian the Trust is looking for additional  venues to showcase the work.


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