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Findaway World,  “a leading provider of technology for the delivery of digital audiobook and eBook content” has just launched AudioEngine – a platform that allows audiobook integration for online sellers.

I am hoping the technology trickles down to independent bookstores and small publishers for it would be a boon to be able to offer the audio option to their users.

Here’s the full Press Release:

Findaway World Unveils AudioEngine

Leader in digital audiobook delivery launches new platform to enable integration of audiobooks into partner products and applications

SOLON, OH (March 31, 2014) — As consumer adoption of audiobooks reaches an all-time high, Findaway World (, a leading provider of technology for the delivery of digital audiobook and eBook content, today announced the release of AudioEngine—a new audiobook distribution platform that enables seamless access to Findaway’s expansive library of audiobooks through a powerful and flexible API and SDK. AudioEngine is a pioneering technology that enables partners to deliver over 50,000 professionally engineered digital audiobook titles directly to their users.

As the use of mobile devices has boomed, making it easier than ever to download and access audiobook content, the audiobook category has grown in parallel, generating over $1.6 billion in revenue last year.* Subsequently, publishers, retailers and content providers of all types are looking for new opportunities to make audiobook content a core part of their offerings through mobile apps and services. AudioEngine not only enables audiobook integration across mobile, including iOS and Android, but also web, fulfilling a growing need in today’s marketplace.

“AudioEngine is the fulfillment of Findaway’s vision to make the audiobook experience accessible to everyone,” said Mitch Kroll, Co-Founder & CEO of Findaway World. “It builds upon our success in preloaded audiobooks, expanding the category so that partners can deliver the audiobook content consumers want.”

Findaway’s collection of audiobooks is one of the largest in the world, with each title professionally engineered to deliver the highest-quality listening experience for users. AudioEngine facilitates seamless access to this library of over 50,000 audiobooks through Findaway’s API and SDK. The API powers access to Findaway’s audio catalogue, while the SDK allows partners to build a feature-rich media player within their own offering. AudioEngine also enables Digital Rights Management (DRM) for partners to ensure publisher-approved content handling. Together, these features eliminate the heavy lifting previously needed for audiobook integration.

“With AudioEngine, any content provider can make audiobooks part of their own digital media experience,” said Ralph Lazaro, VP of Findaway World’s Digital Products Group. “As mobile adoption has increased, so, too, has audiobook adoption—and it’s a trend that will only continue well into the future. We’re making our titles accessible to anyone, so that they can integrate into their mobile, or web, offerings, eliminating previous barriers to entry so that partners can meet the growing demand for audiobooks from their customers and users.”

At launch, several leading companies are currently using AudioEngine to power audiobooks in their platforms, including 3M (Cloud Library), Mackin (MackinVia), Baker & Taylor (Acoustik) and Follet (Catalist Digital), with many other large retailers, content providers and distributors launching worldwide throughout 2014.

Said Tom Mercer, Marketing Manager, 3M Cloud Library, “Audiobooks are more popular than ever and our library customers have asked since the day we launched the 3M Cloud Library if they could provide audiobooks through our platform. Through our partnership with Findaway World we were able to get both the content and technology from the same partner. The AudioEngine platform allows our developers to seamlessly integrate audiobooks into our applications.”

AudioEngine is available to any potential partners interested in audiobook content, including digital content sellers, music providers, libraries, publishers, streaming media services, and more. To learn more about AudioEngine and its advanced capabilities, please visit

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