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MCBA Ania Gilmore, “Knowledge Inc.”

Ania Gilmore (Lexington, MA).  Knowledge Inc., (2013). A folded book work inspired by Wisława Szymborska’s poem Contribution

One of the highlights of the Book Art Biennial that just wrapped up at The Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA) is the awarding of The MCBA Prize. The prize is “the first honor to recognize book art from across the field and around the world.”

The judges for this years festivities were three titans from the book art world; Sarah Bodman, Buzz Spector and Sandra Kroupa and clearly they had their work cut out for them for an amazing array of work from all over the world was submitted.

It is safe to say the world of book arts is alive and well and thriving!

Here’s a healthy sampling of the entries:

MCBA Chris Perry, “127 Ripples spray” detail MCBA Chris Perry, “127 Ripples spray”

Chris Perry (Brooklyn, NY). 127 Ripples: spray, (2012)

MCBA Janis Melville, “Vestige”

Janis Melville (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia). Vestige. A folded from 1880 hand block printed Japanese ledger.

MCBA Todd Thyberg, “The Airship”Todd Thyberg (Minneapolis, MN). The Airship, (2012)

MCBA Neilson atlasHeidi Neilson (Long Island City, NY).  Atlas Dream Sequence, (2011)

MCBA Fragione-A-Little-Book-of-Nature-ThoughtsCianne Fragione (Alexandria, VA). A Little Book of Nature Thoughts, (2011)

 MCBA records by mackRebecca Mack (Burlington, VT). RECORDS book with sound, (2012)


oh and the winner is:

MCBA Meador

Clifton Meador (Chicago, IL).  A Repeated Misunderstanding of Nature(2012)

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