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It’s taken 42 years but it looks like we have come full circle. In the spring of 1968 Richard Brautigan published Please Plant This Book a collection of eight seed packets with each bearing an original poem.

Now the folks at the Italian company Gartenkulture have come up with a line of books turned into pots.

Here’s what Helena Ekberg had to say about the project at her post over at Casa E Cose:

Books are to me one of the more precious art objects around. And they are originally trees that are natures masterpieces. What if we could merge the two? What a wonderful idea no?

YES, that is just what two Italians has thought of in their Gartenkultur project.

They take a book, they make a hole and they insulate thus protect the book from humidity with a mixture of vegetal glue that is a water based glossy varnish for wood, completely ecological. Then they fill the hole with soil and plant a tree that is ready to grow and live and prosper in this innovative book vase. This new ecological form of the book is recyclable, has been recycled and is a living breathing beautiful decoration interior object for your home.

Can’t wait to see someone plant the 8 packets of seeds from Please Plant This Book inside copies of 8 of Brautigan’s books.

Here’s a digital version of Please Plant This Book

Thanks to @ThirdPlaceBooks for the lead

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