Book Wear Roundup July 14, 2010 – Tags:

There seems to be an increasing amount of crossover between the book and fashion worlds these days.

Designer Marc Jacobs recently announced he was opening a bookshop in New York City’s West Village. The shop, to be called Book Marc, will undoubtedly carry his new line of stationary products, fittingly called the Bookmarc collection.

Canadian author Douglas Coupland has announced that he is collaborating on a new line of clothes and accessories. The line is called Roots x Douglas Coupland and will “explore a new way of seeing Canada.” The collection includes apparel for women/men/children, accessories, leather goods, design items, furniture and art.

Gaby Basora’s 2010 fall line for Tucker is heavily inspired by the work of French writer Marguerite Duras:

Jeremy Scott’s Opulence collection features a book print dress:

For the younger set there is the Bookhanger Neck Chain:

and then for the casual among us there is the series of t-shirts from Novel-T:

Booktagger shares a few more biblio-themed schmattas in her post, Book clad

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