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The latest bookish gem emanating from Kickstarter is Bookniture, an extremely compact piece of furniture that masquerades as a book when stored. 

The brainchild of Hong Kong based industrial designer Mike Mak, Bookniture combines the strength of an advanced honeycomb paper structure with the traditional craft of book-binding.

Mak was looking for “something different from traditional folding chairs and tables” something that would “look natural and fit in the living environment, comfortable to sit on, invisible when stored”

Here’s part of the pitch:

Bookniture can be used in endless ways: it can be a stool, a foot rest, a nightstand, a standing work desk… and many more!


What’s more? Stack it up and make a table & chair set; Add a wood board on top of 2 Booknitures to make it a bench; Stack a few layers more and it becomes a shelf! Possibility with Bookniture is endless. As long as you don’t limit your imagination!


Bookniture is also light and portable. Fold it back into a book and take it out everywhere! Bookniture makes sure you can sit anywhere with style and comfort

Bookniture unfolded

Bookniture a


With over a month to go the project has already hit its initial funding goal so before too long we will get a chance to see this amazing product in the wild.



Bookniture website

Kickstarter page

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