Bookstore Beer: Powell’s + Rogue + Moby Dick = White Whale Ale December 1, 2012 – Tags: , , ,

Brewed in honor of Powell’s Books 41st Anniversary White Whale Ale is “infused with the seafaring sprit” of Moby-Dick, literally! The beer contains actual pages from a copy of the book.

From the Rogue website:

This brand-new ale was truly inspired by a love of literature. At an auction in Chicago, Michael Powell landed a first edition of Herman Melville’s The Whale (renamed Moby-Dick in subsequent editions), and the book has occupied a special place in his heart ever since. In part, this special-edition beer is a tribute to Michael and his family, as well as to the legacy of Powell’s.

Imagining doing limited releases of the beer using specific editions of Moby-Dick as the ingredient. Wow!

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