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Briago Braigo

Shubham Banerjee is 12 years old and lives in Santa Clara, California. When someone left a flyer on his doorstep asking for donations for the visually impaired he began thinking of ways he could help. Once he found out that a Braille printer cost about $2000 and that about 90% of the visually impaired live in developing counties he went to work. 

He went straight to his Lego’s and began building. After lots of experimenting and 7 failed models Banerjee unleashed his new invention, Braigo (a mash up of Braille and Lego), at a science fair.

How does it work?

Push up pins act as the print head and push Braille characters onto the paper. A controller helps to scroll and choose the required alphabet. Braigo takes 5-7 seconds to print one letter.


Wow! Great stuff.

The 12-Year-Old Who Designed A Low-Cost Braille Printer From Legos | The Better India.

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