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The Dumbing Down of Bookselling November 5, 2006 – Posted in: Bookselling / Collecting

Granted Amazon is the Godzilla of the new book business and much of their energy has been channeled in redefining the new book business. And one must take their hats off to them for what they have accomplished. Of course, I am all for the independent bookseller and the independent spirit but one must always be open to change. Too many new booksellers spent their energy running for the hills, and not enough energy in…

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The Trade Discount November 2, 2006 – Posted in: Bookselling / Collecting

One of the stickiest issues facing today’s bookseller is the trade discount. How much? Who gets it? Which sales channels are eligible Historically, the trade worked on a 20% discount to members in the trade Beware of the CWS – Collector Who Sells

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