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A two-story Shhh! April 30, 2013 – Posted in: Books and Art, public libraries, sculpture

To create something to adorn the lobby of the then new library, the city of Walnut Creek, California enlisted the services of artist Christian Moeller. Moeller went ahead and  took what is probably the most stereotypical librarian behavior and he blew it up! Like two-stories high! “Shhh…Portrait in 12 Volumes of Gray” stands 26 feet tall and eight feet wide and contains 3,960 books. The covers are 12 shades of gray and arranged on a gigantic steel bookshelf,.…

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Ros Rixon’s Love Lines and More April 29, 2013 – Posted in: book arts, Books and Art

Love Lines IV – How do I Love thee? What do you get when you mix Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43, How do I love thee?, with artist Ros Rixon?You get Love Lines – a series of works that literally captures the poem in all its glory.Rixon delicately reprints the text and encloses the lines in various bottles and glass cubes.  Love Lines V – How do I Love thee? Edition of 5. Image courtesy of Heartbreak…

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Library on Ice February 23, 2010 – Posted in: Content, Installation, Libraries, public libraries

I’ll never forget my first visit to Minnesota. Being born and raised in New York there had been few reasons to venture west of the Hudson River. I was in my early 20’s and coming off the disco years. Rumor had it that Minnesota was the perfect place to dry out. So off I went. It was late March and winter was just finishing up. In the cab from the airport, I kept seeing lots…

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