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Joseph Dawson: Still Life with Realism September 26, 2013 – Posted in: Books and Art, Painting, Uncategorized

Thus Let the Light Shine 11′ x 14′ oil on board. Here is a sampling of work from Irish-born artist Joseph Dawson. Whether he is using the centuries old  method of painting, still life, or taking a more modern realistic approach Dawson finds room for books to share the stage. And his visual rendering of writers block which appears below is pretty cool too. Memento Gorey. 8′ x’10’ oil on board. Writer’s Block, Oh The…

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A trip with Vladimir Kush June 3, 2013 – Posted in: Books and Art, Painting

Pillow Book Russian artist Vladimir Kush is a one man surrealism factory. With four of his own galleries in the U.S. and more coming around the globe you know he paints a lot. Fortunately for us, the book is well represented in his portfolio. Here is what Kush has to say on the subject: BOOK is a metaphor for the history of human life. We use the analogy of the book when talking about a…

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