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Library Catering on Wheels May 24, 2013 – Posted in: mobile libraries, public libraries

The Seattle Public Library has unleashed Books on Bikes, a full service library on wheels.The pilot program will bring library services to popular community events via bike this summer. The book bikes will also cater their load to the event they are attending. Think LGBT material for the Gay Pride Parade or kids books for a pop-up storytime at a neighborhood park or books on music and folk culture for the FolkLife Festival. A total…

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Sticky fingers force Polish mobile library to go digital April 26, 2013 – Posted in: Books and Technology, Libraries, mobile libraries, Reading / Literacy

The initial idea was simple:Acknowledging  that Poland is not one of the “European nations which read a great deal” the mayor of the Polish city of Gdansk Pawel Adamowicz took part in a plan to outfit a fleet of 35 brand-new trams with books from local libraries in an effort to promote reading.Special nets were placed on the back of the seats and librarians worked hard in selecting the 5000 books that would stock these new…

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