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Saul Bass at the Movies – Posted in: graphic design, posters

“The Man with the Golden Arm” (Otto Preminger, 1955). Based on the novel by Nelson Algren. recently paid tribute to legendary graphic designer Saul Bass by featuring the graphic work he did for the movies. Remembered for his incredible skill and seemingly unending creativity, a man who cared deeply about making things beautiful, even if no one else did. His work exists as a testament to the idea that good design can exist even…

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Reading Positions and more from Warby Parker August 1, 2013 – Posted in: Illustration

READING POSITIONS  INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Stretch 2. Grasp book 3. Assume position (see above) 4. Hold position for required amount of time 5. Cool down Art: Patrick Kearns Eyewear company Warby Parker clearly leans bookish . Who is Warby Parker you ask? He was plucked out of the journals of Jack Kerouac! We’ve always been inspired by the master wordsmith and pop culture icon, Mr. Jack Kerouac. Two of his earliest characters, recently uncovered in his personal…

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