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Frankenstein leads the way at poster auction July 22, 2013 – Posted in: graphic design, posters

One of the highlights of the upcoming movie poster auction at Heritage Auctions is this rare 14″ X 36″ insert produced for the 1931 film version of Frankenstein. How rare is it?: At last this great poster has surfaced! After 82 years of lying dormant, the Monster has finally arrived in the form of this amazing and stunning insert. For years, collectors have been searching for the lost poster sizes on this immortal and legendary horror classic but…

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A [Sad] Future For Bookstores July 19, 2013 – Posted in: Bookselling / Collecting, bookshops, Comics / Cartoons

Check out this comic from Angela Liao over at twenty pixels. It begins with this preface: Reading text lists of titles and gridded book covers images can’t compete with the in-store bookstore experience. There’s something magical about browsing books with your head tilted sideways to read titles on book spines and seeing towering walls of books on shelves. People say that “print is dying” but I hope that some experiences will never change. Dear all bookstores,…

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Finn Dean’s illustrations for ‘Brave New World’ take top prize July 10, 2013 – Posted in: Illustration

Finn Dean has won this year’s Book Illustration Competition. The annual event, co-sponsored by the non-profit House of Illustration and The Folio Society, invites artists and illustrators from around the world to focus their energies on illustrating the same book. This year over 500 entrants from 30 countries were asked to illustrate Aldous Huxley’s classic Brave New World. Deans winning set of illustrations will be published in a new Folio Society edition of Brave New World…

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