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Famous Schools from Fiction July 7, 2015 – Posted in: Content, infographics

I know school’s out for summer but this infographic courtesy of  Rayburn Tours was too cool to leave for fall. From Hogwarts School to Pencey Preparatory to a slew of fictitious schools from film and TV I trust there is one that you wish you attended 🙂

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Tub Lit: Kickstarter project offers waterproof books June 15, 2015 – Posted in: book design, Books and Technology, Content, Paper, Video

  The latest crowdsourced gem for the book crowd comes to us from Bibliobath. Thanks to Wing Weng and Jasper Jansen, a Dutch-Chinese couple based in Amsterdam, we finally have the waterproof book! They have 4 titles ready to go; a selection of short stories by Mark Twain, one of the selected poetry by W. B. Yeats, an edition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and a special Kickstarter-only edition of the Chinese classic The Art of War.…

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A peak at some of the treasures of the Folger Shakespeare Library – Posted in: Bookselling / Collecting, Exhibits, Libraries, Video

Did you know that 82 of the 233 surviving First Folios of Shakespeare’s plays live at The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C.? To mark the quadricentennial of his death The Folger is sending a few copies on a tour of America. Jonathan Karl of ABC News was granted exclusive access to the Folger vault, where he got a look at some of the goodies that rarely see the light of day.

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