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Saul Bass at the Movies August 22, 2013 – Posted in: graphic design, posters

“The Man with the Golden Arm” (Otto Preminger, 1955). Based on the novel by Nelson Algren. recently paid tribute to legendary graphic designer Saul Bass by featuring the graphic work he did for the movies. Remembered for his incredible skill and seemingly unending creativity, a man who cared deeply about making things beautiful, even if no one else did. His work exists as a testament to the idea that good design can exist even…

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Frankenstein leads the way at poster auction July 22, 2013 – Posted in: graphic design, posters

One of the highlights of the upcoming movie poster auction at Heritage Auctions is this rare 14″ X 36″ insert produced for the 1931 film version of Frankenstein. How rare is it?: At last this great poster has surfaced! After 82 years of lying dormant, the Monster has finally arrived in the form of this amazing and stunning insert. For years, collectors have been searching for the lost poster sizes on this immortal and legendary horror classic but…

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The Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature May 14, 2013 – Posted in: posters

Courtesy of Pop Chart Labs we now have a handy visual reference of almost 50 cocktails culled from books & movies. The chart covers “everything from Philip Marlowe’s Gin Gimlet to Fredo Corleone’s Banana Daiquiri to the simple yet effective Buttermaker Boilermaker,” to the Dude’s White Russian. And better yet you can buy a copy to hang near the bar. The printed up 500 copies, the artist signed them and they’re selling them for $22. close up via Laughing…

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