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From the facade pictured above to the image below it’s not much of a leap to say this library is one of the coolest looking ones out there.

It was the winning design in the Dalian Library Design Competition and it comes courtesy of 10 Design who say of the project:

The library is intended to be a transformative environment that pulls visitors into a unique landscape. The building weaves into the ground creating a series of courtyards and topographic undulations- rooting itself, and then sweeping up into the air forming a bold urban landmark. The shifting of the mass creates spaces ranging from the intimate spaces for reflection in the courtyard to the dynamic and expansive views offered from the tower volume. The tower volume has a series of internal voids and terraced spaces to further enhance the variety of spatial conditions and to provide internal connectivity. A series of retail functions including cafes will help draw a larger audience to the library. A large media center that shares the central drop-off can be used after hours and function independently.

Just think of all the sci-fi / fantasy possibilities that might emanate from a building designed “to provide internal connectivity” to its visitors. Now look at those exterior images again…

10 Design Project homepage

More images and diagrams at I Like Architecture

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