‘Coco’ Chanel’s Salon April 6, 2013 – Tags: , , ,

The Salon where Coco Channel held court.

She is the epitome of style and the namesake of one of the leading luxury brands in the world. She was the only fashion designer to make Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century and she loved books.

The Coveteur visited her legendary apartment at 31 Rue Cambon Paris and came away with some great photos. The apartment, which sits atop a Chanel boutique, played host to many of the leading artists of the day. Giacometti, Elizabeth Taylor, Salvador Dali, Stravinsky and Pablo Picasso were among her friends and known to visit.

And every evening when the fun ended Chanel would take a short walk to her suite at the Ritz hotel to sleep for her apartment did not have a bedroom!

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