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Move over Morris Lessmore, it’s time for  Dr. Maximilian Fortisque Robinson Zooper.

Building on their hugely successful multi-platform hit The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore , William Joyce  and Moonbot Studios are back with The Mischeivans, a hilarious jaunt through  “life’s unsolvable irritations” that will delight both young and old.


mischievians 1

This  ancient race is responsible for many of life’s unsolvable irritations that continue to challenge us.  From the Danglers (think nose) to the Homework Eaters to The Stinker to the Lintbellian.

mischievians yawn mowerThe Yawn Mower

mischievians_danglersThe Dangler

mischievians_giggler-The Giggler

20 species in all are documented by Dr. Zooper and of the discovery Joyce  says:

The discovery of the Mischievians by Dr. Zooper will change life as we know it. I fully expect the team to receive multiple Nobel Prizes for this groundbreaking work including the first ever Nobel Prize for ‘cheerful endeavors.’ We at Moonbot are thrilled to be a part of the discovery

Hey, they already won the Academy Award® for the The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore so don’t count Dr. Zooper out just yet.

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Book available here

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