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The Savoy Cocktail Book: Being in the main a complete compendium of the Cocktails, Rickeys, Daisies, Slings, Shrubs, Smashes, Fizzes, Juleps, Cobblers, Fixes, and other Drinks, known and greatly appreciated in the year of grace 1930…

I think they’re getting thirsty in California. In the last week The LA Times food blog Daily Dish had a post on 4 essential beer books and the latest Cook the Books column  from Moe’s Books in Berkeley offers up books for the golden age of mixology. 

 So keeping in the spirit here’s a peek at some delectable and collectible food and drink books currently on the market:  

Eat Drink and Be Buried. 20 Superlative Stories Selected by Rex Stout. New York: The Viking Press, 1956



One of only 25 copies, numbered and signed by the author, specially bound by Zaehnsdorf of London.
An Illustrated Guide to Wine by George Rainbird

An early American distilling manual

The Distiller, 1818. Containing 1. Full and particular directions for mashing and distilling all kinds of grain, and imitating Holland Gin and Irish Whiskey…    


[CHROMOLITHOGRAPH] C. L. Centlivre Brewing Co., Incorporated. Brewers & Bottlers of Lager Beer. Fort Wayne, Indiana


The Curiosities of Ale & Beer: by [COOK, Charles Henry; as] BICKERDYKE, John (pseud.)


and here are copies of some of the books mentioned in the articles above:

     “The World Guide to Beer” by Michael Jackson


The Brewmaster’s Table by Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewing fame


How To Brew by John J. Palmer new copies available for around $20

Now drink up!

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