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“Remember Edinburgh’s Mystery Sculptor? She has sent me 17 small paintings for my birthday, each one from a Rebus title.” –  Author and subject of many of the pieces, Ian Rankin on Twitter.

It has been almost a year since a slew of Rankin-themed book art pieces began popping up at various literary destinations around Edinburgh. The story received worldwide attention yet the artist continues to remain a mystery.

Now this “Banksy of the Book Art World” takes a slight turn. Instead of a book art piece being left around town the artist changes direction and sends Rankin a birthday present of 17 small paintings, each a visual rendering based on one of his 17 Inspector Rebus novels.

Map based on the novel Fleshmarket Close

The cover of the Rolling Stones album, Let it Bleed, which was also the title of Rankin’s 1995 novel

Knots And Crosses, the first Inspector Rebus novel

Now she knows where he lives…

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