Encyclopedias in the hands of Mary Ann Santin September 11, 2014 – Posted in: Books and Art, Content, sculpture

mary ann santin 1962‘1962’, 2012

“I am interested in our archival desire to create a memory of those now gone in order to promote a collective identity” says artist Mary Ann Santin. And what better to work with to realize that interest than a printed encyclopedia; an obsolete form packed with information of “those now gone”and published with the intent to “promote a collective identity.”

Whether she is sanding, miniaturizing or covering it in wax the encyclopedia presents the perfect medium for Santin.


mary ann santin 1971‘1971’, 2012

mary ann santin untitled 6Untitled 6, undated

mary ann santin untitled 3Untitled 3, undated

mary ann santin oval oneOval One, 2012. Found encyclopedia covered in paraffin wax

mary ann santin spring threeSpring Three, 2012

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