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The latest exhibition at Edward Gorey House, F is for Fantods,  focuses on the books Gorey published himself under the banner of the Fantod Press.

 Using various anagrams and pseudonyms like Garrod Weedy, Ogdred Weary, Aedwyrd Gore,  and Mrs Regera Dowdy,  Gorey churned out twenty-eight books under the imprint. 

“F is for Fantods opens a window onto the restrained, graceful, and frequently hysterical mayhem that was Edward Gorey’s world.”

Here’s a sampling of books from the press:

gorey fantods beastly babyThe Beastly Baby. Gorey writing as Odgred Weary, (1962). One of 500 copies illustrated throughout by Gorey in black and white. Possibly his scarcest title.


gorey fantods stupid jokeThe Stupid Joke. Edward Gorey as Eduard Blutig, (1990). One of 500 copies signed Mrs. Regera Dowd


gorey fantods blue

L’heure Bleue, [1975]

gorey fantod figbashpng

 Figbash Acrobate,  (1994). Writing as Aedwyrd Gore One of 500 copies.

gorey fantods domesticityThe Doleful Domesticity, (1992) One of 500 signed copies

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