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Banned Books: Informal Notes on Some Books Banned fort Various Reasons at Various Times for Various Reasons by Anne Lyon Haight. R.R. Bowker Company. New York, 1955. Second Edition Revised and Enlarged Buy: Buy: Used copies of the First and Second Edition

It is Banned Books Week and here are five titles that deal with the issue as a whole or are dedicated to an individual book. Happy reading!

banned books purity in print







Purity in Print: The Vice Society Movement and Book Censorship in America. Charles Scribner’s Sons. New York, 1968.


First Edition, 1968.

Second Edition with two new chapters carrying his history forward to the beginning of the twenty-first century.








banned books comics




Seal of Approval: The History of the Comics Code by Amy Kiste Nyberg. University Press of Mississippi. Jackson, 1998. In 1954 the comic book industry adopted a self-regulatory code in response to public and governmental pressure. Buy.



banned books lady chatterely

The Trial of Lady Chatterley: Regina vs Penguin Books Limited. Edited by C.H. Rolph. Penguin Books. Baltimore 1961. Buy Used


banned books howl





Howl on Trial: The Battle for Free Expression. Edited by Bill Morgan and Nancy J. Peters. San Francisco City Lights, 2006. Buy: Amazon | Publisher


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