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The FOMObile

It stands for Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and could be the next disruptive technology for the publishing industry.

It makes its debut at Design Week in Milan and will “trawl content from social media” and the scheduled programming to produce a newspaper that will be distributed for free.

The software, developed by Space Caviar, “will automatically create written articles from live speech and social media streams” during the three-day event.

FOMO will use voice recognition software, combined with information scraped from online data including tweets and instagram activity using the hashtag #OnTheFlyMilan, to automatically generate a PDF document.

This is will then be published on the FOMObile – a roving publishing press with its own built-in power generator and solar-powered wi-fi hotspot. The press will print each PDF, which will be saddle stitched on the spot before being distributed for free.


It’s like a slimmed down, mobile Espresso Book Machine on social steroids. Watch out!

Algorithmic journalism machine generates free FOMO newspaper in Milan -Dezeen

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