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Typewriter meet the 21st century. The Hemingwrite, one of 20 new hardware devices entered in the Engadget.com Insert Coin competition, is a prototype that is assured a bright future.

What the Kindle did for reading, we want to do for writing,” said cofounder Patrick Paul of
Hamtramck, Michigan. “Adam and I are huge fans of the simplicity of a typewriter but using
one is tiresome and outdated. We set out to deliver the same distraction-free writing
experience of a typewriter with all of the added benefits of modern technology: backups to
the cloud, e-paper display, Cherry MX keyboard switches — and nothing else.

hemingwrite 2

Features include a mechanical keyboard, e-ink display with backlight, instant cloud backup to Evernote or Google Docs, enough battery life to get lost in the woods for a while and 1 million+ page memory!

Are you sold yet?  

Hemingwrite has made it past the first cut in the competition and the founders are off to New York for the next round. Win or lose this little baby will go to market. 

hemingwrite 1


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