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Hemingway wrote javascript

The tech world collides with the book world in If Hemingway Wrote Javascript, a new offering from No Starch Press.

For writers as with computer programmers it is all about the language. It is the starting point for each discipline and to succeed at both one must master the craft while developing their own style.

If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript is a book that “playfully bridges the worlds of programming and literature for the literary geek in all of us.”

Written by Angus Croll, a UI guru at Twitter and a leading authority on Javascript, the book is a compilation of imagined short Java Script programs as if written by literary lions.

There’s some Jane Austen:

Hemingway wrote javascript austen

A little Italo Calvino:

Hemingway wrote javascript calvinoA bit of Jack Kerouac:

Hemingway wrote javascript kerouac

and much much more.

Here’s just a a sampling of the Table of Contents:


1 Ernest Hemingway
2 William Shakespeare
3 André Breton
4 Roberto Bolaño
5 Dan Brown


6 Jack Kerouac
7 Jane Austen
8 Samuel Johnson
9 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
10 James Joyce

Happy Numbers

11 J.D. Salinger
12 Tupac Shakur
13 Virginia Woolf
14 Geoffrey Chaucer
15 Vladimir Nabokov

Pretty cool.

Buy: from the publisher (e-book included for free) | Amazon | Powell’s

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