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[paperback bargains] Dublin, 1969.
Next stop for In the Stacks is the National Library of Ireland.  Located in Dublin, Ireland’s national library is home to the most comprehensive collection of Irish documentary material on the planet. Here is a little book-themed grouping from their Flickr offering.

 The Reading Room of Miss Sandes Soldiers Home in the Curragh Camp. 

Elise Sandes (1851-1934) from Tralee, Co Kerry founded this movement near army camps in Ireland, England and India. She was an evangelical missionary and her aim was to provide wholesome recreation for young soldiers to keep them away from pubs.

Eason & Son Ltd., Dublin & Belfast. “Stand” from a trade show, ca 1910.

Retired World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Gene Tunney visits Trinity Library

Long Room at Trinity Library, ca. 1885

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